Trying to find that healthy balance between work & life whilst single parenting can be a challenge, but it’s what has given me the inspiration & sheer determination to create our brand Leery & Sarchi. 

It’s my kids themselves that are what inspire this business.  As anyone running their own business would know that it is no piece of cake and neither is raising a family. Having the opportunity to work from home and getting my kids involved with the designing side gives me the opportunity to spend time with them and have fun whilst being creative.  It also allows me to show my daughters what we can do & what we can achieve instead of what we can’t!

This business is to create a better life and good education for my kids but also to help others who are a lot less fortunate than us.  A percentage of our profits will be donated to the UNHCR foundation to help people living in inhumane conditions.  In the future we would like to be involved with share value projects in providing jobs & skills.

And if anything at the end of this I can teach my daughters to grow into two strong independent women and have an awareness of others less fortunate – I’ll be a proud mum!



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